The Association for the Study of General Literature is a research group founded in 1992 at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. The original aim of the association was to provide a framework for intellectual cooperation for literary scholars based in Budapest, Pécs, and Debrecen, many of them at the beginning of their academic careers at the time. The founding members shared an interest in contemporary, mainly post-structuralist literary theory. At first, the association held meetings at regular intervals where one or two papers written by members were discussed.

The renewal of Hungarian literary criticism has always been a primary goal: disseminating new discoveries of international research is as important as studying the tradition of Hungarian scholarship. We have always endeavored to represent Hungarian scholarship abroad, hence the fruitful collaboration with several international researchers and research institutes.

Since its inception, the association has become a recognized center of Hungarian literary criticism. At our public forums, we have regularly hosted researchers and specialists unconnected to our group. Another important tradition is the continuous search for talented graduate students, many of whom go on to become members. Most of our regular members work in higher education, and therefore can test or utilize the results of our research in their courses. Since 2001, our work has centered around multi-year research projects.

Leader of the research group is Professor Ernő Kulcsár Szabó.