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Hungarian Perspectives on the Western Canon (2017)


Hungarian Perspectives on the Western Canon. Post-Comparative Readings [A Nyugati kánon magyar perspektívákból. Poszt-komparatív olvasatok]

Eds. László Bengi, Ernő Kulcsár Szabó, Gábor Mezei, Gábor Tamás Molnár and Pál Kelemen

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2017, 295 oldal.

This volume serves the purpose of introducing important authors and works of Hungarian literature to an international reading public. In order to fulfill this goal, the editors have invited scholars to write papers in which Hungarian works are interpreted vis-á-vis important works of the Western literary tradition. This gesture simultaneously asserts and challenges the concept of “the Western canon.” Our intention has been to re-examine and challenge the distinction between “major” and “minor” literatures. For practical reasons, we thought it best to present the Hungarian authors and works by linking them to authors and works presumably better known to our target audience. On the other hand, we hoped to make the impression that reading presumably marginal works may also highlight unexpected or previously unknown components of the literary tradition. If this is so, it is because the marginal or the minor has the potential of inhabiting spaces within the canon that would otherwise remain blank or imperceptible. Our insistence on reading the Western literary tradition through the lens of Hungarian literature comes from our conviction that the reversal, albeit temporary reversal, of the major/minor or central/marginal polarities can be illuminating.

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